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For more than 10 years, Clip Medical Supplies has provided clinicians and doctors with a wide variety of healing solutions. With more than 35 million implants worldwide, our medical products offer new solutions to medical challenges, working with the body’s own tissues and organs to allow less invasive procedures and restore normal functioning.


1- TriCell PRP Kit: By World first Three Cell in One Kit.

  • Standard: FDA, KFDA, ISO13485, GMP, CE1023
  • Experience the most smart prp kit "TriCeLL"100% sealed system for preventing blood contamination
  • .
  • Separation, Isolation, prp concentration and even prp concentration rate adjust (1cc~5cc) is possible
    in one kit

2- Neurosurgical Instruments: The Baxano Surgical products to treat degenerative conditions of the spine affecting the lower lumbar region. We are committed to delivering minimally invasive surgical technologies that enhance patient clinical care while providing sustained value for our customers. Baxano Surgical products we are providing is AxiaLIF , VEO , iO-Flex and iO-Tome Instruments.

a) AxiaLIF System

b) VEO System

c) The iO-Flex™ System

d) The iO-Tome™ System: The iO-Tome device utilizes Baxano Surgical's iO-Flex® technology to deliver a new MicroBlade Shaver® design configured to rapidly and precisely remove the facet joint.

3- Orthopedic Surgical Product : Best BONE Substitution ELIZ  ,  OSIQ and  AXOZ.



A high quality hospital equipements. 100% guarantee made in turkey.
Most reliable products.


Clip Medical SUPPLIES
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